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Lecturer Section: Luis M. Correia

Prof. Luis M. Correia

Prof. Luis M. Correia, IST/INOV-INESC

Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal 


Green cellular networks




The class starts with a perspective into the evolution of mobile and wireless systems. A parallel in the evolution between mobile and wireless communications and other areas (computers and cars) will be presented, in an attempt to identify possible directions for systems future evolution. A look into already existing technologies will enable to establish a perspective for future user interface devices and services (e.g., information access, Internet of Things, and geo-location). Then, an analysis of network architectures is presented, focusing the radio components of existing systems (GSM, UMTS and LTE), in order to identify the areas where energy efficiency can be investigated. Models and results will be presented for increasing energy efficiency at the levels of radio link, base station components, and radio resource management. MIMO, beamforming, RF chains, and algorithms for channel management will be addressed, among others. Models for voice and data traffic will be presented, since they are a key input to efficiency algorithms. A bridge with current research areas, e.g., network virtualisation, cloud networking, and networks of information, will be presented as well. The area of applications will be addressed as well, taking Smart Cities as an integration example, as well as a perspective of application to other key sectors (e.g., transport and energy).




Luis M. Correia was born in Portugal, on 1958. He received the Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from IST (Technical University of Lisbon) in 1991, where he is currently a Professor in Telecommunications, with his work focused in Wireless/Mobile Communications in the areas of propagation, channel characterisation, radio networks, traffic, and applications, with the research activities developed in the INOV-INESC institute. He has acted as a consultant for Portuguese mobile communications operators and the telecommunications regulator, besides other public and private entities. Besides being responsible for research projects at the national level, he has been active in 27 ones within the European frameworks of RACE, ACTS, IST, ICT and COST (where he also served as evaluator and auditor), having coordinated two COST projects, and taken leadership responsibilities at various levels in many others. He has supervised more than 150 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, having authored more than 350 papers in international and national journals and conferences, for which he has served also as a reviewer, editor, and board member, and edited 6 books. He has been part of 26 Ph.D. juries at the international level. He was part of the COST Domain Committee on ICT. He was the Chairman of the Technical Programme Committee of several major conferences, and is part of several Steering Boards. He is part of the Expert Advisory Group and of the Steering Board of the European Net!Works platform, and was the Chairman of its Working Group on Applications.