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Green Wireless Communications - Newcom# Summer School

Poznan, Poland


Welcome on the web-page devoted to the second thematic school organized under the auspices of NEWCOM# network of excellence. This time we would like to invite you to learn about the latest results and upcoming developments on the topic of Green Wireless Communications. The concept of making the wireless communication “greener” is currently one of the hottest research topics all over the world, as it tends to be the practical way for more efficient exploitation of natural resources in the global scale. As the ICT industry consumes around 2% of the total used energy, and huge part of it falls on the wireless communication and particularly base stations, it is rational to put strong effort on further reduction of energy consumption in that sector of economy. Such an approach leads not only to better environment protection but also reduces the cost of network management. Moreover, in the advent of Internet-of-Things and Smart Cities, where billions of devices are foreseen to communicate over the, the need of efficient energy utilization is one of the key research aspects. Thus, if you find this problem interesting, this school is definitely for you! Let us invite you to participate in this event, learn and discuss green wireless communications with the well known researchers and industry representatives in the field of green communications. As in the previous release, this school offers you the platform for direct interaction with the scientists currently shaping the future of wireless communications. Meet other researchers working in the field in a stimulating atmosphere!

This summer school is geared towards Ph.D students, engineers and researchers, who want to deepen their understanding of green wireless communications.

Hosted by Poznan University of Technology (PUT) in Poznan, Poland, this Summer School is a unique opportunity to further your knowledge on green communication in a relaxed atmosphere.

Submit your application before July 31st, 2013 to reserve your seat for the school. The applications will be considered on the first come, first served basis.

Register before July 31st, 2013 to benefit from a reduced registration fee.


  • When

18-20 September 2013


  • Where

Conference and Lecturing Center in Poznań, Poznan University of Technology, 2 Piotrowo str., room 10, 60-965 Poznan, Poland.


  • Keynote Speakers

Hanna Bogucka (Poznan University of Technology, Poznan Poland)

Luis M. Correia (IST/INOV-INESC, T.U. Lisbon, Portugal)

Régis Esnault (France)

Christine Morin (INRIA, France)

Jacques Palicot (Supelec, France)

Honggang Zhang (Supelec, France)

Yan Zhang (Simula Research Laboratory & University of Oslo, Norway)


  • Programme

Download the program here.


  • Topics

1. Multi-layer green wireless communications (Hanna Bogucka – Poznan University of Technology)

2. Cognitive radio for green communications (Honggang Zhang/Jacques Palicot - Supelec)

3. Green cellular networks (Luis M. Correia - IST/INOV-INESC, T.U. Lisbon).

4. Energy-efficient wireless platforms and electronics (Régis Esnault)

5. Wireless communications and smart grids (Yan Zhang, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway)

6. Green computing (Dr. Christine Morin - INRIA, France)


  • Local Organizers

Hanna Bogucka (PUT)

Magdalena Mendlikowska-Humerczyk (PUT)

Adrian Kliks (PUT)


  • Supporting Institutions

EURACON - European Association of Communications and Networking

Poznan University of Technology

NEWCOM# - Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications


  • Registration

Register here and log in to the Euracon website, then click on 'Event Registration' at the top of this page.


  • Registration fee and payment

Registration fee: 220 euro (VAT included).

Registration fee includes one social dinner.

Registration will be not accepted after 31 July, 2013.

Payment deadline: 15 August, 2013.

Information regarding payment will be available after the registration at the school.


  • ECTS credits

The Summer School participants will be provided with an attendance certificate. Students requiring validation of the ECTS credits following their attendance of the summer school (possibly including the poster session participation) should check with their home institution about the required validation criteria ahead of the event and get in touch with the organizers to arrange a more formal type of examination if needed. Attendees requiring a certificate for ECTS credits will have to take a written test after the school. The test will consist in writing a report of the courses. This document (3 to 5 pages) should contain:

- a summary of two of the lectures (the choice is left to the student);

- a short discussion about how these results can be used or applied by the student in the context of his/her own research work, if applicable.

The report should be submitted by email within the two weeks following the school, and will be given a grade (pass/fail) by the TPC members.


  • Local information

Conference and Lecturing Center - Map

Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

Regarding hotels

Regarding the social event


  • Poznan Guides

Here, you find some useful guides in pdf., which can help you in sightseeing of Poznań. These guides will be available on-site.

City fortifications

Following the modernism route

Green Poznan


Old town

The oldest Poznan

Map of the city

Poznan City Break


  • Useful links

Poland's Mission Abroad




If you should have any further assistance, please contact:

Mrs. Magdalena Mendlikowska-Humerczyk (local organizer) -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Eng. Giorgia Bertozzi (payments and registrations) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • After the school

Summary of the school