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The Association aims at organising and endorsing European Conferences in the field of C&N. The events can be generated either within EURACON through the effort of some of its members, or organised based on inputs received by other entities or non-members.

EURACON Conferences are large events allowing researchers and industry representatives to present their scientific and technical achievements and share views on the future of technologies. Conferences normally cover multiple scientific aspects in the field of C&N.

The EURACON Secretariat will support the Technical Programme Committee and Local Organiser in all steps related to administration (registration fees, payments, provisional budget drafting), logistics (printing, preparation of documents, contacts with caterers and other types of service providers) and dissemination of information (via web, mailing lists, etc).

The Association does not aim at making business out of the organisation of these events; rather, EURACON intends to facilitate networking among researchers at European level through high quality scientific and technical events.

EURACON fosters excellence in research.