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EURACON is a non-profit Association for Communications & Networking.

The aims of the European Association for Communications & Networking are to:

  • Organise and endorse European Conferences, European workshops, and all associated events in the field of Communications and Networking (hereinafter, C&N);
  • Support European Schools, as well as M.Sc. & PhD programmes on C&N;
  • Create or endorse (on-line) scientific publications (books, periodicals) with the highest scientific standards in C&N
  • Create a European web portal about research and education in C&N based also on the former European ViCe-WiCom (Virtual Centre of Excellence in Wireless Communications);
  • Circulate and exchange information among European scientists and engineers in C&N, and promoting standardisation;
  • Facilitate contacts between, on the one hand, the academic and scientific milieu and, on the other hand, industry, services and Institutions at the European level in C&N;
  • Promote European research on C&N;
  • Promote and harmonize co-operation across national C&N communities and Societies;
  • Support the EC in the definition of the research agenda in C&N;
  • Coordinate and manage large-scale C&N research and formation initiatives.