Working Groups

EURACON Working Groups (WGs) are of two different kinds: disciplinary and non-disciplinary. The former type reflects the intention of the members to discuss/collaborate on aspects of focused technical/scientific nature. The latter type is more transversal, addressing objectives of potential interest to all disciplines in the field of Communications & Networking.


WGs are set up by the EURACON Delegate Assembly, based on proposals stemming from Association members. WG proposals can be generated at any time and submitted to the Delegate Assembly through the Secretary; they must include a title, a description of the objectives and motivation for creating the WG, and the proposal of a WG leader. The WG leader is appointed by the Delegate Assembly for the first year; then, the WG will elect its own leader for the following years.


The current list of EURACON WGs is as follows.


Disciplinary WGs


  • WG OTA – Leader: Istvan Szini


The goal of Over The Air WG is to support the development of OTA testing standards technically by proposing channel emulation techniques together with performance metrics that are able to test key features in 4G and beyond systems at acceptable system complexity;


Non Disciplinary WGs


  • WG Schools – Leader: Sergio Palazzo


The objective of the Working Group is organizing and/or supporting European Schools devoted to research and technological advances in the area of Communications and Networking. The attendees whom Schools are mainly addressing are PhD Students, but also Post-doc's and junior researchers are intended to benefit from the course and seminars being offered. The Schools are planned on a regular basis and are expected to be at least two per year (typically, one Summer and one Winter School). The courses will consist of talks provided by the invited Senior

lecturers, who have recognized expertize in the topics being addressed by the individual School. They will be complemented with special sessions where attendees can present and discuss their own work so as to foster the exchange of ideas and improve the international networking among PhD students.


  • WG Workshops and Panels – Leader: Luis Correia


The scope of this WG is to identify topics for Workshops and Panels, propose venues, dates and organisers.



  • WG EURACON Awards – Leader: Luc Vandendorpe


The purpose of the WG is to 

- identify different award instruments : possible examples are Best PhD award (of the last year); best student paper, best young author paper, best paper, etc. also EURACON Fellow.

- define the procedure for the analysis of the different applications to the different awards

- identify and appoint members for the various award committees; conflict of interest must be taken into account

- make decisions about the financial amount associated with the different awards and about the place/occasion to award the recipients

- find the proper advertisement mechanism to disseminate the call for candidates


  • WG Journals – Leader: Marco Luise


The scope of this WG is to consider and discuss the possibility to create a new (possibly online) journal in the area of Communications and Networking.